Vaughan Rotamix retrofitted to large volume anaerobic digester at Maroochy STP, Queenland

A Rotamix process mixing system was successfully retrofitted into an existing 17.5 metre diameter anaerobic digester at the Maroochy Sewage Treatment Plant in QLD, Australia. The Rotamix package was supplied to the Maroochy Alliance Joint Venture by Pump Systems Ltd after providing detailed CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations of the proposed system. All Rotamix designs are supported by CFD analysis, either by standard modeled geometries, or by using customised models that are individualised to meet specific application parameters on a consultation basis.

Penrith WWTP solves clogging problems by installing Vaughan self-priming chopper pumps

A large wastewater treatment plant in New South Wales had been struggling to overcome problems with pumps and pipework clogging with clumps of rag and ropey fibrous material in municipal sewage. The existing failing pumps were eventually replaced with two model SP4K Vaughan self-priming chopper pumps, which incorporate patented and innovative design features that allow them to chop and pump heavy, solids-laden waste material without the risk of clogging.

Three Rotamix systems supplied for new sludge blend tanks at Mangere WWTP, Auckland

Pump Systems supplied three Rotamix process mixing systems to the Mangere WWTP in Auckland, New Zealand. The systems were designed to mix three 8-10 metre diameter tanks containing a municipal sludge blend with solids concentrations as high as 6%. The unique flow pattern created by Rotamix’s fixed floor nozzles eliminates dead spots, reduces energy requirements and virtually eliminates solids settling.

Large Vaughan chopper pumps stand the test of time handling abrasive sludge at Mangere WWTP

In 2000, Pump Systems Ltd was called on to participate in the upgrade of a large wastewater treatment plant in New Zealand, where existing gas mixing equipment operating on the seven 30 metre diameter digesters was to be replaced with a simpler, more efficient means of mixing. A total of eight large Vaughan model H10P12 belt-driven chopper pumps with 75 kW, 4-pole speed electric motors were supplied for this project.