Vaughan chopper pump takes care of stringy bean waste and vines for large food processor

McCain Foods in Hastings, NZ required a fail-safe solution for their bean waste line where an existing “non-clog” impeller pump would continuously bind up and block while pumping green beans and bean vines. Pump Systems Ltd supplied a custom built Vaughan vertical wet well chopper pump to retrofit to the existing collection sump. The patented chopping action of the Vaughan chopper pump would mean that all incoming solids would be chopped and reduced in size to eliminate the risk of blockages in the pump as well as downstream equipment. In addition, a heat-treated steel Upper Cutter located behind the impeller would instantly shred and clear stringy solids that attempt to wrap on the pump shaft, which not only prevents pump binding, but provides added protection to the shaft seal to ensure a long and trouble-free service life.

Heavy-duty Vaughan vertical dry pedestal chopper pumps supplied for potato process wastes

Simplot Australia was looking to upgrade a group of existing process effluent pumps at their Tasmania facility to something more efficient and reliable. The pumps would be expected to handle corrosive wastewater containing a range of solids, including sharp, abrasive items and even whole potatoes. Due to space constraints at the site, Pump Systems offered Vaughan model STPE6W vertical dry pedestal chopper pumps in heat-treated stainless steel materials. The small footprint of the Vaughan PE configuration meant that the new pumps could be mounted in place of the original belt-driven units with a minimum of modifications.

Vaughan SP4C self-priming chopper pump tackles difficult fish offal on deep sea factory ship

Pump Systems supplied a Vaughan model SP4C-089 self-priming chopper pump to leading New Zealand fishing company for handling fish offal. The pump is installed on the FV San Aspiring, an automated bottom longliner that is often at sea for weeks on end. All process wastes are stored in holding tanks within the ship, and once back at shore, the Vaughan self-primer is used to offload the fish offal for further processing. Similar configurations have been supplied to other fishing companies in Australia.

Large stainless steel vertical column pumps supplied for brewery process wastes in Tasmania

A large brewery in Tasmania needed a custom solution for a new pump station handling process wastewater containing high concentrations of vinegar and solids such as apple wastes, pips, etc. To meet the application requirements, Pump Systems offered two, 4.3m long Vaughan vertical wet well chopper pumps in all stainless steel materials, which would provide the plant with reliable clog-free operation.

Vaughan chopper pumps solve clogging problems for large New South Wales paper mill

Two heavy-duty horizontal Vaughan Chopper Pumps were supplied to a large paper mill in New South Wales, Australia for transferring thick clarifier underflow sludge. The plant was experiencing continual clogging problems with its existing dry-mounted submersible pumps and required a proven and engineered long term solution that would allow the on site wastewater treatment plant to function with minimal downtime.

Custom Vaughan horizontal end suction chopper pump supplied for difficult egg pulp application

Pump Systems was called upon to offer a customised pump solution for processing egg pulp containing large amounts of abrasive egg shells. To achieve this, a Vaughan E-Series model HE3G horizontal chopper pump fitted with a special 4-segment cutter bar and EC2 external cutter was supplied. The combination of the 4-segment cutter bar and the HE3G’s 4-blade impeller would result in extra points of chopping per revolution and therefore a finer overall chop.

Heavy-duty Vaughan self-priming chopper pump pays off for large Sydney paper mill

A large paper mill in Sydney required a reliable solids handling pump capable of transferring pulp waste slurry with high concentrations of suspended solids such as cardboard, strapping, etc. The solution offered was a Vaughan model SP8N self-priming chopper pump direct coupled to a 55 kW, 6-pole speed electric motor. As a result of this pump’s success, additional Vaughan self-priming pumps have been supplied for various other critical applications at the plant.

Vaughan chopper pumps ensure clog-free operation for major NSW waste recyling plant

Situated in the south of Sydney, the Macarthur Resource Recovery Park is the city’s largest alternative waste technology processing plant. At the heart of plant lies the Ecolibrium Mixed Waste Facility, which involves biological digestion with outputs of fertiliser, water and biogas containing up to 75% methane. Due to the difficult nature of the waste being processed, the plant utilises up to sixteen Vaughan E-Series horizontal end suction chopper pumps throughout various areas of the plant where solids in suspension can cause clogging problems in pipe work and associated equipment.

Vaughan self-priming chopper pump eliminates clogging problems for major New Zealand winery

A large wine producer in New Zealand was struggling to overcome continuous pump clogging problems in their main wastewater sump due to heavy loading of leaves, bottle caps, string, plastic caps and strapping. The original pumps that were installed for the job simply could not cope and as a result, a screen had to be installed on the suction to filter out suspended solids. Screening the waste only caused more problems, as solids would simply become “blanketed” over the screen, restricting pump flow. By installing a Vaughan chopper pump, any previous clogging risk was instantly eliminated meaning that the suction screen could be removed.

Vaughan vertical wet well chopper pumps tackles diffcult stringy casings application in NZ

Pump Systems supplied a Vaughan vertical wet well chopper pump to a large processing company in New Zealand for pumping wastewater containing sheep casings, mucosa, slime, threads and intestines. Material of this nature is notoriously difficult to pump, as most pumps will not cope due to clogging and binding of impellers and shafts. Pump Systems Ltd were able to offer the perfect solution with the patented chopping action of a Vaughan chopper pump.